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15 Recipes for Citrus-Lovers

Image Credit: Elizabeth Stark

In these deep days of winter we have one bright glimmer: citrus season! Here we've gathered 15 recipes to bring some sunshine to even the gloomiest winter day. Start with classic lemons and oranges, then dive into pomelos, yuzu, and blood orange. Sweet, tart, sour, and piquant — citrus comes in many tastes and adds an important zing of acid to all of your sweet and savory dishes.

1. Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake

This tender, extra-moist cake has a wonderful texture thanks to a bit of cornmeal in the batter. Make sure you save a few slices to enjoy for breakfast the next morning alongside your coffee.

Image Credit: Elizabeth Stark

2. Herbed Citrus Salad with Tahini Dressing and Greens

When deep winter hits, we need all the help we can get. Good thing there's winter citrus with its sweet-to-bitter flavors and gorgeous, jewel-toned colors. Add some fresh herbs and a smoky tahini dressing and the perfect winter salad is yours to enjoy.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

3. Fast and Fancy Lemon Biscuits

These simple, one-bowl biscuits rely on cream to give them their flaky goodness. Enjoy these slathered with jam or marmalade for breakfast or piled with fruit and whipped cream for dessert.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

4. Grapefruit Mimosas for a Crowd

This simple two-ingredient cocktail brings the perfect bracing note to enliven your mid-winter gatherings. The wee kumquat garnish adds just enough whimsy and serves as a refreshing little bite, too.

Image Credit: Christine Han

5. Meyer Lemon-Olive Oil Chiffon Cake

This delicately crumbed chiffon cake is made with cake flour, baking powder, and lots of egg whites to keep the texture light. Sweet Meyer lemons are the star, but other citrus — such as grapefruit, lemon-lime, or tangerine — will work just as well.

Image Credit: Laura Wright

6. Creamy Orange Date Smoothie

This smoothie is rich and thick and packed full of good-for-you nutrition. The dates add natural sweetness and the orange and creamy coconut milk give it a creamsicle-like taste, which is your reward for being so virtuous.

Image Credit: Megan Gordon

7. Pomelo Citrus Bars

It's time to shake up your lemon bar game with something new! These citrus bars feature pomelo, which is similar to grapefruit only sweeter. Megan keeps the sugar fairly low in this recipe, too, so the tart and tangy flavors really come through. Perfect for an afternoon cup of tea.

Image Credit: Laura Volo

8. Citrusy Breakfast Polenta Cake

A buttery, slightly crunchy polenta cake is topped with a beautiful array of quick-brulêed citrus. To take things even further, small pockets of lemon curd are swirled into the batter just before baking. The title says "breakfast," but this lovely cake would make a terrific dessert or a nice addition to a brunch potluck.

Image Credit: Elizabeth Stark

9. Roasted Carrots with Orange

Dense, sweet winter-storage carrots are taken to a more complex place when they are roasted with slightly bitter and deeply flavored orange peels. Hit it with chile for heat and a sprinkling of parsley for brightness and perfection is achieved.

Image Credit: Elizabeth Stark

10. Lemon Potato Chowder

Potato chowder is often deliciously thick and rich, but sometimes it's fun to play with that a little, to bring in a little razzmatazz. Here lemon zest and a hefty squeeze of juice introduce bright pops of flavor and just like that, a zingy new take on this classic recipe is born.

Image Credit: Kelli Foster

11. Your Template for Sweet and Tangy Citrus Curd

Everyone has heard of lemon curd and maybe you've even tried lime curd, but have you ever tasted blood orange curd or pink grapefruit curd? How about navel orange curd? Fruit curds are a tart, sweet, rich, silken delight and the possibilities are endless: Swirl into ice cream or yogurt, sandwich between two cookies, or slather onto a scone or muffin.

Image Credit: Elizabeth Stark

12. Orange Chicken and Kale Stir-Fry

This is a more wholesome take on the deep-fried, sticky neon-orange chicken found on many takeout menus. Here the chicken is cooked in a wok and not deep-fried, and instead of the sugar-loaded orange sauce, a bright note of fresh orange juice is used. Oh, and there's kale.

Image Credit: Jenny Huang

13. Sweet and Savory Lime Granita

This recipe has the wildest secret ingredient ever, one that helps this granita teeter on the brink between sweet and savory. Yes, it's a dessert, but one with depth and savoriness and complexity. Can you guess what the secret ingredient is?

Image Credit: Gina Eykemans

14. How To Make an All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner Using Citrus Peels

Okay, so you've made a lovely curd or citrus salad and now you have all these peels hanging around. What are you going to do with them? One solution is to make this simple two-ingredient spray cleaner. Not only do the oils in the citrus provide a great scent, but they also kick in a bit of extra cleaning power.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

15. 3-Ingredient Roasted Lemon Sauce

Roasting lemons transforms them into something that's mellow and sweet rather than tart and bright. When partnered with roasted garlic and a bit of olive oil, the result is a rich sauce with a faint bitter edge that's wonderful drizzled over chicken or fish.