Baking with Chocolate

10 Frostings to Make Any Chocolate Cake Feel Special

Image Credit: Christine Han

Ganache! Buttercream! Whipped Cream! Frostings are something that get me excited about cake, because they (along with a few sprinkles) turn any cake into a celebration. Whether you're baking a chocolate Bundt cake, a chocolate pound cake, or, my personal favorite, chocolate sheet cake, here are 10 frostings that upgrade classic chocolate cake to something unique and special to celebrate anytime.

Image Credit: Dana Velden

Chocolate Glazes and Ganache

Chocolate glazes and ganache make chocolate cakes special by enrobing them in a dark, shiny finish. Some harden to a desirable crackle-like finish, while helping to moisten the cake as you frost it.

Image Credit: Kelli Foster

Buttercream Frosting

Here's the really special thing about buttercream frosting: You can whip it up with pantry ingredients — yes, butter is a pantry staple — and you can easily gussy it up with a split vanilla bean or a bit of espresso powder. Buttercream has enough elegance to make humble pound cake slices swoon-worthy and to transform boxed cake mix into Instagram-worthy creations.

Try this: Toast slices of chocolate pound cake until warm under the broiler and then smear with basic buttercream and top with toasted cocoa nibs for an easy and elegant dinner party dessert.

Image Credit: Samantha Seneviratne

A Few Alternative Frostings

Maybe you are out of butter, chocolate, powdered sugar, or are just looking for something extra special to top your favorite chocolate cake. Here are a few recipes that include everything from marshmallow fluff to bananas.