10 Edible Bowls to Make Eating Soup Even More Cozy

Image Credit: The Cozy Apron

The only thing more cozy than a hot bowl of soup on a cold winter day is when that soup is ladled into a hollowed out bread bowl. Carbs and soup belong together. And really, why serve a thick slice of bread alongside your soup, when you can dish out your favorite soup in a whole bowl made of bread?!

Here are 10 bread bowls that are waiting to be filled with your favorite soup!

You've got a choice to make. It's time to match your soup with its carb-filled partner in crime. Go for a classic bread like country white or punchy sourdough, or take it up a notch with homemade pretzel bowls. You can also go a less traditional route by crafting your bowl from popovers or gougeres.

Though whatever you decide, this is one comforting combo that's a must this winter.

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

What's your favorite type of bread bowl?