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15 Fabulous Pitcher Drinks for a Party

What's a party without a cocktail? But shaking them to order just isn't practical when there are guests to enjoy and dinner to finish. Two words for you: pitcher drinks. These cocktails are full of fresh flavors and ingredients, but they can be made in big batches, refrigerated, and pulled out right when the first guests arrive. Let's start with strawberry margaritas, and move on to Hurricanes. The party's just getting started. 

Image Credit: Maureen Petrosky

Blueberry Lavender Vodka Spritzer

This round-up of cocktails start with the best of the spring season and will carry you right into summer back yard parties. Right now, a tumbler of the honey-bourbon Gold Rush or a grapefruit mimosa sounds perfect. When the strawberries start showing up in markets, that Strawberry-Basil Margarita should be at the top of your list, hands down.

Do you have a favorite large-batch cocktail for serving at parties? Please share!

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Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Image Credit: Nancy Mitchell

El Diablo Tequila Cocktail

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